Vanuatu Real Estate Investment at Nasama Resort

Vanuatu Investment Property

Vanuatu, Easy Access for Millions of Tourists

With the growing awareness of Vanuatu as a safe tourist destination only 2.5 hours from Brisbane, Nasama Resort is well positioned to receive its share of this expanding market of visitors looking for exciting real estate investments.

The Vanuatu people are warm and friendly and their culture is that of an exotic South Pacific island which to many is the image of Paradise itself. Real estate investment in Vanuatu follows the trends in the Australian property market. When real estate investments in Australia are on the way up, then interest in Vanuatu real estate also increases.

Vanuatu Investment Property

No Ownership Restrictions in Vanuatu

The Government of Vanuatu makes investing in real estate in Vanuatu easy.
There are no restrictions on overseas ownership of properties in Vanuatu.
In fact an investment into a VAT (Value Added Tax) producing property, like Nasama Resort, entitles the purchaser up to three residency permits in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Ease of Management

At Nasama Resort, leasehold title and strata title is managed by professionals with years of experience in real estate in Vanuatu. In other types of real estate investment properties it is usually the owners that have to take care of these issues.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Professional Team at Nasama Resort

We take care in ensuring that Nasama Resort is an industry leader in occupancy figures. Our trained marketing team takes the work out of finding tenants – that is our job and we do it well.

Vanuatu Investment Property

21 Days Holiday for You a Year

An investment in real estate here in Vanuatu in most cases is placed into the rental sector of the real estate market. The owner in that case usually has to stay in a hotel when they visit because the property is occupied. When you invest in Nasama Resort, you can reserve 21 days a year for approximately AUD50 to AUD70 per day.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Avoid Paperwork Management

As an owner of Nasama Resort, the management takes care of paying VAT and custom land owner fees in a timely manner and keeps records of all transactions. You will not need to deal directly with the VAT department, custom land owner or the lands office.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Capital Gains

Your returns can be sent to in any currency to any country or can be transferred to a Bank in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an income tax free country with no capital gains tax, another reason why to invest in real estate in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Ease of Resale

The management team at Nasama Resort has two functions

  1. Taking care of the hospitality side of the business.
  2. Taking care of all sales and re-sales of the apartments.

So when you decide to sell you have a team that is dedicated to the sales process. You can still list it with other agencies but they have other properties to sell. We only have Nasama Resort to sell!

Vanuatu Investment Property

Dedicated Team

As an overseas investor, you would usually have to rely on a property management company with many properties. At Nasama Resort, we have a dedicated management staff who focus 100% on Nasama Resort.

Vanuatu Investment Property

Apartment Maintained

Our staff handles all maintenance issues and you will only have to approve in-room maintenance over $500AUD. We have maintenance contracts with the best providers here in Vanuatu for electrical work and air conditioning. By investing in Nasama Resort you take the work out of investing. Often investors return to Vanuatu and end up spending their holidays painting, cleaning out gutters, etc. This will not happen here. We work to retain the value of your property investment in Vanuatu while you relax at home!

For those large maintenance issues we have a sinking fund of 2%. This fund will be used for such things as repainting the whole building or replacing solar systems. This takes the sting out of theses big expenses and gives owners of Nasama Resort peace of mind. This money is set aside each month and should be considered when comparing Nasama Resort with other real estate investments.

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