Luxury One Bedroom Oceanfront Apartments from AU$317,000

Return on Investment Nasama Resort VS Australia

In Australia, the average gross return on investment is 4.7%. Out of this you have to pay. maintenance, insurance, rates, letting fees and income tax if applicable. Nasama Resort  Gross Return is calculated from actual returns.

  • VAT, insurance, including loss of income insurance,
  • Land rent, letting fees, body corporate,
  • Maintenance and a 2% sinking fund.

If you add back the sinking fund, (it remains your money), the NET return reaches 7.3%. If you add back the value of the holiday, the Net return is 9% Net. There is NO income tax in Vanuatu and no capital gains tax. It is the reason why you should invest in Vanuatu Real Estate.

More about the Apartments

Our deluxe One Bedroom Oceanfront Apartments offer an absolute on the water location  that is ideal for honeymooners, special occasions or for those who simply looking for something unique. There are 3 Apartments on the ground level and 3 apartments on the upper level. Situated overlooking the ocean, these apartments all have private balconies and unobstructed views of the Nasama Beach. It is a sublime Vanuatu real estate product. Erakor island in the is just 1 km away. These apartments have a full size kitchen with granite countertops, fridge, stove, microwave, separate bedroom with king size bed, large separate dressing room, open plan dining and living area, balcony, ceiling fan and air-conditioner. There is also a single bed in the living area for a 3rd person. Vanuatu Real Estate 1-Bedroom  Real Estate INvestment Vanuatu 1-Bedroom

Purchased as fully furnished, self-contained waterfront One Bedroom Deluxe Oceanfront apartment from AU$317,000 your apartment can be placed in the rental pool. This means that all the rental income after costs is divided equally among the rental pool members. This method removes the insecurity that exists in some holiday rental situations where some owners seem to get all the renters while others get few. All get the same.
This Vanuatu real estate investment of 77 m2 apartments have a 2.5 meter wide balcony, all with great views toward Erakor Island and Erakor Point in the distance. The kitchens and bathrooms are contemporary in design and the living and sleeping areas are designed to be relaxed and tropical. More info about Room features

Financial Outlay

Prices are in $AUD

Selling Price unit $317,000
Furniture package $18,000
Full purchase price $335,000
(Stamp duty on $310,000)

Owners also receive three weeks of accommodation for cost at AU$70 per day. This can be deducted from your quarterly payment. NOTE ON STATEMENT        In the statement below we have included all your expenses that are associated with the operating of your apartment. The income is stated net of management fees and agency commissions. The running expenses include all day to day maintenance, building insurance, content insurance and  LOSS OF INCOME INSURANCE. The deductions also include a sinking fund which holds your money for future use in the case of major maintenance expenses such as re-painting the building. We have added this back to calculate your rate of return. We have also calculated the rate of return adding the net value of the 21 days holidays allowance is 8.74%.

 Monthly Revenue 2013  STUDIO
Total Revenue after VAT  $2,870
Commission  $24
Owners Share  $1,423
 Gross return 7.42%
   Gardening/Landscaping  $19
   Maintenance Supervisor  $21
   Caretaker  $16
   Pool Maintenance  $12
   Common Area General Repairs  $20
   Electricity  $190
   Less Recption Use  $(6)
    Less Construction Use
   Less Fuel  $2
  Gas  $2
   Water  $29
Body Corp Expenses  $217
Land lease Payment  $15
Property Insurance  $76
Sinking Fund (2%)  $57
Total Outlays  $414
Net to Owners  $1,009
Net ROR 5.3%
Add back sinking fund 2.0%
Real RoI 7.3%
Calculation Worksheet Holiday allowance
Rack Rate  $245
Valuation 21 Days  $5,145
Less Daily fee  $1,050
Less loss of income  $706
Net addition to returns  $3,389
Rate of return including holiday             allowance                                                                                                            9%Net

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