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NO Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax!

Vanuatu is a beautiful tropical Island nation that is only 2-1/2 hours from Brisbane. It is actually closer to Australia than Fiji which a lot of people do not realise. It is an independent country with a Westminster Rule of Law similar to Australia. The native population is Melanesian and is well known for their natural warmth and friendly manner. In the past it was a colony of both England and France and the capital, Port Vila, has a cosmopolitan mix of French, British, Australian, New Zealand and Asian people lending a progressive air to the natural charm of Port Vila.

With the state of the world at present, the growing awareness of Vanuatu as a safe, sustainable and accessible tourism destination coupled with its benefits as a low-tax jurisdiction – all under three hours from Australia’s East Coast – Nasama Resort is well positioned for continued growth.

Vanuatu is an investor-friendly destination that is amongst the most special in the world and leading in sustainability practices. Recently, Vanuatu was the first country to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and the first country to use drones to deliver medicine to remote island areas.



  • Vanuatu is income tax and capital gains tax free.
  • Following our airport runway upgrade, wide-body planes will now be able to land. Our established airlines will also operate additional services to Melbourne and Auckland from July 2019. Air Vanuatu is also purchasing three new aircraft in the near future. This will have a huge impact on our visitor numbers particularly in the winter months.
  • There is also a large increase in Chinese interest in Vanuatu. Current increase in investments indicates that Vanuatu’s real-estate market is taking off.
  • The current government has realised the importance of tourism and is targeting our major markets of Australia and New Zealand with campaigns that are already showing positive results. This year our traditionally quiet months of February and March exhibited 100% increase in occupancy.
  • Vanuatu has minimal ownership restrictions. The Government makes investing here straightforward and there are few restrictions to overseas ownership of properties. In fact, investment in a VAT-producing property like Nasama Resort entitles the investor to Residency Permits and other Visa opportunities.
  • There are no currency controls in Vanuatu that can prohibit you from taking your money out of the country. We can transfer your returns to most countries in the world.



  • Nasama Resort enjoys one of highest occupancy rates in the country consistently out-performing the market .
  • Nasama Resort is the best performing property in its class in the whole of Vanuatu Resort
  • Nasama Resort is well known as a quality investment by all the banks in Vanuatu. Normally if you purchase an investment property you would have to place a 40% to 50% deposit. For Nasama Resort the ANZ bank is accepting only 20%.
  • Nasama Resort earns it income in Australian dollars so an investor is able to take out an Australian dollar loan that has an interest rate of approximately half that of the local currency loan. Currently about 5-6%.
  • Owners are entitled to stay 21 days per year and pay only the cost of cleaning and electricity.
  • Sustainability focused with power-saving, solar and eco-oriented initiatives.
  • All apartments have ocean views.
  • All apartments are self-contained.
  • Well-built and able to withstand the fury of Cyclone Pam – a category 5 cyclone that demolished all the major resorts including Breakas, Iririki Island Resort, Le Lagon and Holiday inn. In fact Nasama Resort had fifty guests staying that night in our rooms and apart from one uncomfortable night all were safe and sound. As the only resort left standing, Nasama Resort was filled with NGOs and government officials from around the world. Our owners did not miss a payment and all repairs to the grounds and pool were paid for from our Sinking Fund which is held at 2% of gross and deposited into a designated bank account every month.
  • Excellent management structure and experienced staff with years of experience in both hospitality and real estate. The owner was once the owner of the Professionals Vanuatu, an Australian real estate franchise. His parents were the first managers of Kinkabool, the first high rise on the Gold Coast and the very first strata title property in Australia.
  • Nasama Resort has a fair Rental Agreement where every owner of the same type of apartment receives the same amount. In some strata title holiday units the managers and friends of the managers receive the bulk of the bookings and the bulk of the income. This can never happen at Nasama Resort.
  • Nasama Resort is sometimes confused with TIME SHARE. It is not. Each APARTMENT COME WITH A FULL STRATA TITLE that gives you full ownership of your apartment and a shared ownership in the common property.



Nasama Resort manages the leasehold and strata title so you have the peace of mind to sit back and watch your investment grow. The titles are managed by professionals with years of experience in hotels and real estate.



Nasama Resort is managed by an experienced team of hoteliers and operational staff who oversee all maintenance of your apartment and the common grounds.

Nasama Resort management takes care of paying VAT and other business costs including, insurance, maintenance, electricity etc. Investing with us means you do not need to deal with the VAT department, lands office or other local entities. We make life simple so you can invest with ease and visit and unwind.

Your returns can be sent in any currency to any country or be transferred into a local bank in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an income fax-free country with no capital gains tax. Another reason why it is great to invest in Nasama Resort!

We are familiar with local, regional and international markets and operational-specific matters for a coastal resort-destination property like Nasama Resort.

Operating at around 70% year round occupancy, we are a market leader in Vanuatu and one of the most popular properties on the main island of Efate.

We are regularly receiving ‘Excellent’ reviews on TripAdvisor and we welcome return guests year after year – a sure sign we’re doing something right! We are very active in marketing and sales campaigns to grow market share and attract guests to book with Nasama Resort. We operate an optimised online campaign for direct bookings and a strategic program partnership with over 30 online channels and have established agent relationships with key international travel partners in major markets.